2014 AGM





  1. Baboucarr Ngum
  2. Omar Bojang
  3. Njundu Drammeh
  4. Melville Ninson
  5. Mai Touray
  6. Binta Badjie
  7. Harr Sowe
  8. Olymatou Cox
  9. EbrimaJammeh
  10. Abdou A. Kanteh
  11. Baba Manneh
  12. Mustapha Bittaye
  13. FalluSowe
  14. Matida Daffeh
  15. ArmisticiaJones
  16. FatouJanneh-Mbai
  17. LaminDarboe
  18. MbasseyManneh
  19. Mam Amie Jobe
  20. Matarr Cham
  21. MalickSarr
  22. Oumie Sissokho
  23. MadiJobateh
  24. AjaKassa K. Sanneh
  25. RoheyYattaSeyCorr
  26. Pa ModouFaal
  27. Iris Cassell
  28. HaddyMboge-Barrow


  1. 1.      Opening:The meeting started with prayers around 10am.  This was followed with an opening ceremony that was chaired by one of the EXCO members, Yata Corr-Sey. The ceremony provided an opportunity for affiliates of the Network to express their views and observations about the performance of the organization under the reviewed year. Before handing over to the Chairperson, she expressed her satisfaction with the pace and professionalism the organization approaches its mandates. Mr. NjunduDrammeh, the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Network welcomed all attendants of the meeting and applauded the different organizations and individuals that are committed to combat GBV in the country. In addition, he reminded the meeting that the AGM is the highest decision-making body of the Network. As it is election year, he urged all members to participate. He declared the AGM officially opened.

This was followed by a review of the agenda.


  1. 2.      Review of the 2013 AGM minutes and matters arising:a thorough review of the minutes of the 2013 took place. The adoption of the minutes with the corrections made by the Assembly was proposed by Dr. Mustapha Bittaye and seconded by Armisticia Jones.
  2. 3.      Annual report: the Coordinator of the Network presented the annual report of 2013. She reported on the activities implemented, achievements realized and the constraints that were faced. Donors that have supported the Network include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland through RATAS, AAITG, UNFPA and UNAIDS. Also Service Providers such as the Gambia Police Force, the Women’s Bureau, Department of Social Welfare and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare have all demonstrated tremendous commitment to the combat of GBV through their support to the Network during 2013.


She also reported that the implementation of programs is done according to the strategic plan. She thanked the EXCO (especially for the technical support and continuous availability of the Chairperson), general membership and other partners. Exceptionally, NAS and AAITG were applauded for their financial and technical support that has been accorded to the Network. She congratulated her team of staff for its dedication. Despite the small number of people at the Secretariat, their commitment is huge enough to accomplish all the achievements reported. Upon completion of her presentation, the Coordinator received a remarkable feedback from the participants in recognition of the good performance of the Network within such a short period of time.

After her deliberation, there was a huge cheering and applause for the Coordinator. At that juncture it was suggested for all attendants to rise up to express appreciation to the Network’s hard work. The Coordinator in response said that it is her responsibility to ensure that the Network executes its functions and commitments to the highest level of standard and she gave back the “award of appreciation” to the membership and partners.

She raised two important issues for the consideration of members:

  1. Payment of annual dues as stipulated in the constitution.
  2. Initiatives to improve sustainability of the Network.

In response to the mobility challenge, Olimatou Cox of UNAIDS recommended that the Network approaches UNICEF for procurement of a vehicle.

Yatta Sey-Corr, before proposing for the adoption of the report, expressed her sincere gratitude to the Network. According to her, she always want to associate with success, the Network is indeed an affiliation to be proud of. Mr. Banucarr Ngum seconded the move for the adoption of the report.

  1. 4.      Finance report-the Finance and Admin Officer of the Network, Mr. Malick Sarr presented the finance report to the meeting. He provided information on the state of affairs of the Network’s financial resources. He explained that funds were received from UNFPA, AAITG, and RATAS among others for the implementation of program activities. Upon completion of his presentation, members expressed their confidence and appreciation of the financial system of the organization. The part-time Driver was also recognized for his tremendous support to the organization. Some of the participants joked that the Driver can turn into any capacity- finance or another, just to support the other colleagues.


  1. 5.      Audit report-Mr. Matarr Sarr of AA and Co Audit Firm presented the audit report of 2013. He said that his company executed its functions in the most objective and critical way to determine the financial practices of the Network. He reported that the audit process does not identify any query of malpractice. This was followed by a huge cheering. The meeting applauded the Finance Manager and other staff members for their financial discipline and transparency. At this juncture, Mr. Cham informed the meeting that his feedback does not mean that the audit process was entirely without queries. He said that the queries were not important enough to be brought forward.


  1. 6.      Proposal for the Amendment of Article 12-the Chairperson brought forward the proposal for the amendment of Article 12 of the Network’s Constitution. At this juncture, the constitution was projected for the participants to deliberate on the proposal. The proposal is to reduce the annual subscription of individual members from D750 to D250 considering the economic status of the individual members who are mostly aged and retired civil servants. This was approved but with a recommendation to define “an individual member”. Suggestions such as: persons that do not represent institutions and are in agreement with the objectives of the Network were put forward. To solve this issue, Amie Jobe of FLAG volunteered that she will work on this “definition” and report back to the Network. In response to that, the Coordinator said that, if need be, an extra-ordinary meeting could be organized to resolve the issue.


  1. 7.      Approval or appointment of an audit firm- The meeting approved AA and Co Audit Firm to provide auditing service for the 2014 operational year.


  1. 8.      Election of Executive Committee-an election of the Executive Committee followed. Mr. Matar Sarr of AA & Co Audit Firm was appointed by the general assembly to be the election Officer assisted by Ms. Olimatou Cox. All the Executive positions were declared vacant. The process of nomination of candidates for the seven positions to be elected according to the Constitution began. Finally, the following institutions and individual were declared elected by the electoral Officer, Mr. Matar Sarr to the following positions:



Organization/Individual Member


Child Protection Alliance

Deputy Chairperson

Female Lawyers Association


Nova Scotia-Gambia Association


Action Aid International The Gambia


Gambia Family Planning Association


The Girls’ Agenda


Yata Corr-Sey


The remaining four Executive Committee positions were filled by the following institutions in accordance with the constitution:


Position & Status

Organization/Individual Member

Co-opted member

Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)

Affiliated Member – no voting right

Department of Social Welfare

Affiliated Member – no voting right

Gambia Police Force

Affiliated Member – no voting right

Women’s Bureau


  1. 9.      Closing- The Chairperson of the incoming Executive Committee, Mr. Njundu Drammeh whose organisation was reelected, thanked the Assembly for its trust and confidence in CPA. He promised on behalf of the newly elected Executive Members that they will do their best in the execution of their duties and responsibilities. However, he remarked that there is need for everyone’s availability to move the organization further. He declared the meeting closed at about 2:00pm.


 Mrs. Haddy Mboge Barrow – NC NGBV     Mr. Njndu Drammeh – Chairman NGBV

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