Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives


A safe, supporting, protecting and violent-free Gambia for every woman and child!


Protect women and children from gender-based violence either in public or private spheres by building the capacity of service providers and institutions, raising public awareness and advocating for friendlier laws and policies.

Core Values:

  • Observe the principles of accountability, transparency, honesty, fairness and firmness in all areas of work.
  • Pro-activity and innovation
  • Uphold and promote rights of women and children
  • Contribute to improving standards for the welfare of women and children in The Gambia.
  • Promote gender equality and equal opportunities.   
  • Commitment to the principles of social justice and good governance.


  1. To raise awareness on national and international legal frameworks and policies and reduce Gender Based Violence in homes, communities and schools in The Gambia;
  2. Advocate for the creation and implementation of gender-friendly laws and policies; 
  3. Engage and transform cultural structures, institutions and leaders to become gender sensitive;
  4. Mainstream gender issues in national and sectoral policies;
  5. Stimulate dialogue and open discussion on women’s role in national development;
  6. Enhance the capacity of professionals, law enforcers and judicial officers to adequately and properly address the needs and rights of victims of GBV;
  7. Support and strengthen local or community structures to combat GBV at the local level;
  8. Establish, support and strengthen an interagency unit or “one stop” center at Bakoteh Shelter for the management of GBV cases.


2018  Welcome to network against gender based voilence