Stratigic plan


Since April 2009, the Network against Gender Based Violence has been in the fore front raising awareness and building capacity of professionals and law enforcers on Gender Based Violence, its effects on women and children and skills and techniques needed to protect victims and vulnerable women and children. Progress has been made because of the work of many dedicated stakeholders and partners who accept their obligation to prevent and protect women and children from all forms of violence, but many challenges remain. We live in a patriarchal society where the rights of women and children are frequently violated, which leads to more violence and exploitation of women and vulnerable children.

In 2010, the Network commissioned a desk review of Gender Based Violence in The Gambia. The review identified many gaps in the prevention and protection programmes geared towards combating Gender Based Violence. Consequently, the Network felt it appropriate to undertake a systematic review of its directions and set the Strategic Directions for the coming period. Our strategic planning process identifies and reaffirms the specific goals and strategies required to achieve our vision and mission in light of the changing environment, and needed responses to fight Gender Based Violence in our society.

The Network against Gender Based Violence Strategic Plan for 2012-2014 sets out our plan to fight  GBV.  It  focuses  on  four  main  areas:  capacity development,  awareness  creation  and campaigns, lobbying and advocacy and service delivery. Thus, the aforementioned programmatic areas build on the Network’s innate ability to advocate for change, broker new partnerships for action and raise awareness and inspire action from the public.

The new Strategic Plan will see two important milestones: the establishment of a One-Stop Center at the RVTH and the development of tools and manuals for the effective addressing of GBV at service point levels. Continue Reading...

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