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April 12th 2018



This picture depicts the International Women’s Day Celebration in The Gambia on the 31st May 2014. The Network against Gender Based Violence saw the event as an opportunity to raise awareness of women, youth and children, as well as policy and decision makers on gender based violence and its effects. Thus, it seized the opportunity and came up with the ‘He for She Campaign’ initiative, a best practice learned during the Commission on the status of Women by its National Coordinator this year. The idea was used to sensitise men especially youth on gender based violence in order to make them active participants and advocators in the national fight against gender based violence as concern persons for what affects women and girls also affects men and boys.

In line with that, a group of 25 young men from ten different youth organisations from the Greater Banjul Area were sensitised on gender based violence and the legal framework by the Network this year. The youth were mobilized and formed into an activist group call the ‘NGBV Youth Platform on He for She Campaign’. The group came together to perform a match pass during the national Women’s Day Celebration in Brikama, West Coast Region. They were provided with T-shirts having IEC messages on gender based violence as well as stickers, posters and the Network brochure for distribution as a way of sensitising people about gender based violence especially men on why they should be concern about gender based violence.