Participation of Network against GBV during the InternationalWomen’s Day  celebration


On the 8th March is set aside as the International day for women, The Gambia celebratrates the day on the 23rd- 31st May 2014 the celebration was characterrised by international conference on the theme: ”Pan Africanism and the African Renaissance,in the context of Gender and the Empowerment of Women and Youth”.  Exibition   and march pass were conducted.  Both ocassions was attended by  Her Excellency Vice President and Minister of Women’s Affairs and Her Excellency First Lady Zainab Yahya Jammeh and Hon Ministers and senior government officials. The Network joint  government and civil society organisations that participated in the march pass.  The network was represented at the march pass by its male youth wing called ‘NGBV Youth Platform on He for She Campaign’.  The participation of this group which is ninety nine percent male is to demonstrate that gender based violence is not only about women,equally Men who care can bring about positive change. These young Men and ladies are committed to end GBV through intesive Information Education and Communication  (IEC) and Behavioral change Comminication( BCC). They were provided with T-shirts having IEC messages on GBV as well as stickers, posters and the Network brochure for distribution as a way of sensitising people about GBV. They also used the occassion to do face-to-face sensitisation targeting men on why they should be concern about GBV.



2018  Welcome to network against gender based voilence