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April 12th 2018

Sensitisation of Senior Army Officers on GBV

Sensitisation of Senior Army Officers on GBV, the Women’s Act 2010, the Domestic Violence Act 2013 and the Sexual Offences Act 2013: BY the Network against GBV with financial support from AAITG

The Network signed a contract with Action aid International the Gambia (AAITG), a Rights Based Organisation working and taking side with poor and excluded people to era dictate poverty. It enable the Network to receive some funding from Action aid International The Gambia through its current strategy 2012-2017 which has women’s rights issues as central both in its coordinating role and through its engagement with partners. Based on that, AAITG and NGBV came together and formed a solid partnership necessary for the implementation of a one year project. One of the objectives of the project is to create awareness on gender based violence through radio programs and sensitisation workshops; The sensitisation was agreed upon request from the gender focal persons LTC Mai Touray and Major Binta Badjie from the Army who felt that sensitisation of the Senior Army on GBV is very important especially on the legal instrument such as Women’s Act 2010, Domestic Violence Act 2013 and Sexual Offensive Act 2013. According to her this will help the Army to be gender sensitive in their entire decision making. Based on the reasons advanced by her, the Network conducted the sensitisation for the senior Army Officers. 

The major outcome of the training was various units of the Army openly discussed gender dimension especially those related sexual and reproductive matters that affect women such as marriage, pregnancy just to mention few. Copies of the Women’s Act were given to all the units of the Army as reference.