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April 12th 2018

Local Women Meeting


Meeting with the local women  Read More....

April 12th 2018

Sensitisation of Women Councillors on GBV

Sensitisation of Women Councillors on GBV, the Women’s Act 2010, the Domestic Violence Act 2013 and the Sexual Offences Act 2013 supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Finland through RATAS


The Desk Review on GBV in The Gambia( Drammeh 2010,) indicated that in spite of the many legislations and policies on women’s rights, their  empowerment and  gender based violence, greater ignorance still linger among the public, especially in understanding and popularizing these legal frameworks and policies. There is also culture of silence and stigma surrounding violence against women and girls which result in unwillingness by families to report cases to the police or serve as witnesses in courts.

Women often ‘accept’ domestic violence because most of them (women)   are socialized to believe that it is justifiable for men to beat their wives and that it is rewarding in the hereafter for them to bear such pain in their matrimonial home. Also domestic violence is seen as a private matter. Therefore, to change such thinking from communities, sensitization of women leaders became paramount.

 This is the rationale for NGBV to sensitised women councilors in Banjul, Kanifing Municipality and West Coast Region The sensitisation created awareness and build the capacity of women councillors on the rights of women particularly on the legal framework that protects women and girls from gender based Violence. The emphasis was the women leaders to break the culture of silence in their communities and report all forms of violence against women and girls in order to ensure the enforcement of Women’s Act 2010, Sexual Offences Act 2013 and the Domestic Violence Act 2013.

The major outcome of the sensitization was women councilors’ willingness to share scenarios and seek clarifications as to what action should be taken in events like that.