Trainings and sensitisations

Awareness raising and capacity building forms and important aspect of Network’s activities therefore it embarks on sensitisations and trainings targeting different target groups ranging from decision makers, vulnerable groups, security personnel, health workers, community members, youth and children among others.

Training of network members on Financial Management and Procedures

As part of the activities under the project- ‘strengthen the capacity of NGBV to advocate for the eradication of FGM in the Gambia’, thirty participants from NGBV member institutions and organizations were trained on financial management and procedures. The training that lasted for four days () was facilitated by experts from AAITG with the assistance of NGBV staff. Participants were exposed to various theories and practical exercises which gave them a better understanding of financial operations as a critical component for the sustainably of any organization.

 Synopsis on Communication and Advocacy Strategy Development Workshop

As part of the AmplifyChange project activities, NGBV implemented a four days activity with a team of experts to develop a communication and advocacy strategy that will be used by the organization and its members to guide advocacy efforts towards the abandonment of FGM and other harmful traditional practices. The workshop was conducted in Bwiam, West Coast Region of the Gambia where resource persons were engaged in extensive group works and plenary that gave the group the time to review and compile all the work done.

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